Biking & Paragliding

Mountain Bike Tours in the Chiemgau Region

The cyclist's paradise Chiemgau extends between 600-1800 meters above sea level and offers the best conditions for your mountain bike trip. Diverse, well-developed, and signposted mountain trails of various difficulty levels are available here, ranging from leisurely pleasure rides to very challenging summit routes. Families with children, beginners and experienced riders, as well as mountain bike professionals, will find the right bike tour for themselves. It's best to consult with the in-house mountain expert on site and together find a suitable tour that meets your personal preferences. Once you embark on your mountain bike trip and cover the first kilometers, you will realize that you are in a mountain paradise. Along the way, you'll see many limestone peaks against the sky-blue backdrop, lush green and flowery alpine meadows, and clean mountain lakes to jump into. Spend your vacation in Ruhpolding and look forward to a fantastic mountain bike holiday in beautiful Chiemgau.

You can conveniently recharge your e-bikes at the charging stations after the bike tour.

Paragliding – the Pure Experience of Freedom!

What could be more beautiful than observing our beloved mountains from the air? Paragliding allows you to experience the Chiemgau in a completely different way, namely from a bird's eye view. Our local mountains, Rauschberg and Unternberg, are ideal for spectacular flying experiences. In our local flight schools, you can learn all the specifics of paragliding and enjoy paragliding and tandem flights. Don't miss out on this unique mountain experience and see the Chiemgau landscape from a completely different perspective.